Save Marriage – Why do you need help?

Most of us are strong individuals who have been through difficult times and fared well. At a point when everything is going smooth and finally the World is starting to recognize our identity, we suddenly start having marital issues. Why do they crop up in the first when we have...Read more

How to be Young and Beautiful Forever

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! It is truly said. Physically a person maybe be very attractive however if the mind and heart don’t portray the same, the individual would be going the extra mile every day and every moment to keep up the facade! One day, the...Read more

How to deal with the loss of a Loved One!

When we lose a Loved One, it feels as if there is nothing else to live for. The void created by the loss is like a vacuum that sucks every ounce of strength and the will to continue our existence. But then do we forego the rest that Love and...Read more

What if someone breaks your heart!

What can you do when someone breaks your Heart! What is left to live for when you have had a Heart Break! Except feeling a continual abyss and loss of interest in everything, our brain numbs out the rest logical thinking. Let’s see a few helper points that might assist...Read more

7 Ways to reduce Anger

Anger is a natural response to a situation in which we feel hopeless and inadequate to handle it. There are different ways we show anger. Some vent it out by yelling, some use verbal and some use physical forms of expressions. Unfortunately there are some among us who express anger...Read more

Why do we cheat in Marriage / Love?

Cheat – A human misusing the trust of another human to achieve his/her means and results in directly or indirectly hurting the other physically, emotionally or financially. In this article, we will see as to why do we cheat in Relationships. Every relationship – Family, Friends, Love, Marriage, etc have...Read more

How to Gain from a Failed Interview!

Every Interview that you attend is learning by itself and a gateway to your Career, Beginning or Enhancement. All the study and research that you would have done from Kindergarten till you latest Educational / Vocational training boils down to that one moment where you face your Interviewer! Not every...Read more


The word ‘Sex’ brings about numerous images to our head –mostly erotic and with inclusion of our preferences and at times going a little beyond the norms set by our predecessors. However the basic ideology of the act is to attain “Pleasure” and this feeling has different definitions and processes...Read more


When you hear the word ‘Marriage’ what is the first thing that strikes your mind? Good Food? Good Clothes? A pretext or a reason to meet up with relatives and friends! Unfortunately, that is what it has come to these days! Marriage is an event in an Individual’s Life where...Read more


A friend in need is a friend indeed! Or should we say “A friend in need is a friend ‘in deed’! Friend is someone who is not related to you in anyway, however is connected in every possible way! Someone who shares your passion, thought process, aspirations, ups and downs...Read more