How to be Young and Beautiful Forever

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! It is truly said. Physically a person maybe be very attractive however if the mind and heart don’t portray the same, the individual would be going the extra mile every day and every moment to keep up the facade! One day, the...Read more

Why do we cheat in Marriage / Love?

Cheat – A human misusing the trust of another human to achieve his/her means and results in directly or indirectly hurting the other physically, emotionally or financially. In this article, we will see as to why do we cheat in Relationships. Every relationship – Family, Friends, Love, Marriage, etc have...Read more

What is depression?

A state of mind where we ‘decide’ to become blind to the entire universe and its existence and make our pain the center of it all. Sounds condescending, yet is the reality! Almost every one – Human – would have been depressed at some point. The magnitude of the affect...Read more

Why are there tears?

X-men – the movie which shows us extraordinary powers! If you look close, you will see that most of the characters go through some emotional trauma and then their physical form goes through changes that make them achieve those special powers. Tears are something like that. They will not help...Read more

Are the deeds in this life recorded?

“Sow as you reap”, ‘Your actions are judged in this life itself” are some common phrases we grow up with. Depending on the Religion that you follow, there are different ways and methods that are depicted of recording your “deeds” in Life. Are they really recorded and if actually are...Read more

Importance of Stress in Life

Life is full of surprises and anomalies. Birth till death life teaches us many things which are important learnings which will add to the ammunition we have against the odds that we keep facing in life. One way of looking at these challenges being hurled at us is saying “Life...Read more

Stress – Where Does it Come From

When a Human Being takes birth, his response to his surroundings might make him cry continuously. He is letting out his emotions without any apprehensions through his only medium of communication. Be it hunger, loneliness, heat, cold, etc. He is not wary of the dangers as his mind does not...Read more

What is the purpose of Life?

Life as we all know is what distinguishes living from the Dead or non-living. Human Life is proclaimed to be the best of the Life forms as we have feelings and the ability to express the same. Thoughts and the ability to materialise them. Many a time, the “purpose” of...Read more

Human Body

Ever wondered what is the most complex and most error free bio-mechanical device known?? Human Body How is it that every child born (almost) has the exact same number of Hands, Legs, Toes, Eyes, etc. How is it that as the Age progresses the Human Body grows proportionally and certain...Read more