What if someone breaks your heart!

What can you do when someone breaks your Heart! What is left to live for when you have had a Heart Break! Except feeling a continual abyss and loss of interest in everything, our brain numbs out the rest logical thinking. Let’s see a few helper points that might assist...Read more

Why do we cheat in Marriage / Love?

Cheat – A human misusing the trust of another human to achieve his/her means and results in directly or indirectly hurting the other physically, emotionally or financially. In this article, we will see as to why do we cheat in Relationships. Every relationship – Family, Friends, Love, Marriage, etc have...Read more


A feeling that does not have a prelude – no background, no relationship, no past, no history – yet shudders the very existence of a Human with its profound presence when he/she comes across ‘someone’! This four letter word has always been a mystery and paradigm of Life! May sought, wrote...Read more

Why I am not loved?

Love is a relative Term. The definition of the same changes from person to person. Just like finger prints, every individual has their own way of feeling and expressing Love. You might have asked yourself the question “Why am I not loved?” at some point in life. Especially during the...Read more

Does real love exist?

Does real love exist? Love – Some call it the reason for Life, some a chemical reaction in the mind. Some associate Love with Heart. “Don’t think with the Mind – think with the Heart” – something we might have heard at some point. No medical proof to say that...Read more

Are we designed to be alone or to be with someone?

Human is not self-sufficient. To that matter nothing living in this World is. Interdependence is the “Word”. Every living creature is suckled from Birth and taken care of till we can stand on our feet (with few exceptions). Nature is designed such a way that all Living creatures are interdependent....Read more