Save Marriage – Why do you need help?

Most of us are strong individuals who have been through difficult times and fared well. At a point when everything is going smooth and finally the World is starting to recognize our identity, we suddenly start having marital issues. Why do they crop up in the first when we have...Read more

Why do we cheat in Marriage / Love?

Cheat – A human misusing the trust of another human to achieve his/her means and results in directly or indirectly hurting the other physically, emotionally or financially. In this article, we will see as to why do we cheat in Relationships. Every relationship – Family, Friends, Love, Marriage, etc have...Read more


When you hear the word ‘Marriage’ what is the first thing that strikes your mind? Good Food? Good Clothes? A pretext or a reason to meet up with relatives and friends! Unfortunately, that is what it has come to these days! Marriage is an event in an Individual’s Life where...Read more