Does real love exist?

Love – Some call it the reason for Life, some a chemical reaction in the mind. Some associate Love with Heart. “Don’t think with the Mind – think with the Heart” – something we might have heard at some point.

No medical proof to say that the Heart has the power to think. It has no grey cells like the mind does that it can think. It only pumps blood through our arteries so that we can live! Then why do we keep associating Love with Heart? Is it because with no Heart you cannot live and no Love means no Life?

Every one born feels Love. The only difference is the way you feel it. Money, Career, Position, Status, Girl, Parents, Family, Brother, Sister, Relatives, Motherland, etc – the list is endless as we Humans are very creative. We form our passions and Love based on our learning from Life and chooses our own way of Life! So if someone says, “I can sacrifice my Life for my Motherland (foregoing his duties as Son, Brother, Husband, etc) – he is justified and at the same time “I will burn down the entire world if something happens to my Sweetheart” is also justified.

In both the cases, the important note is the feeling of the individual which is the strongest as compared to the rest and is appreciable. The so called selfless Love like Love for Motherland, Love for Community, etc are appreciated more as few can feel that way and is beneficial to a whole lot than that individual.

We live in a World where we are tuned from birth to our choices and beliefs. Few individuals break the chain and form their own circle of thoughts, however the majority are too caught up with what their learning have offered them than find time to take a step back and evaluate what they like and if they really like it or just like it because they always did.

How many times did you think why do you prefer Dairy Milk chocolate as a grown up and have always like milk chocolate as a kid? What made you associate a dark colored chocolate to something a grown up can have and a milk chocolate that you envisage a kid eating?

I will not deny that some might still like eating milk chocolate as a grownup, however we have to agree that Television ads have at some point decided what we should be eating – a dark colored chocolate or a white one.  Ever thought which chocolate one from an area with no TV would prefer??

The above example is just very small choice and event in one’s life. However many such small choices and events make up an entire Life! What clothes to wear, what car to drive, where to live, whom to be associated with, etc. And many or most of them have already been programmed in our minds over a period of time.

So coming back to the question- Does Real Love exists? It absolutely does!!

It is our Love to be successful that drives us every day to better ourselves. It is our Love for our Family that makes us so diligent. It is our Love for the Motherland that makes us Patriots. It is our Love for the special someone that makes us come Home every day- at least for most!

Just because someone does not think like you and does not Love the way you do – doesn’t make him/her Love deprived. Love has its own ways and Forms. The day we can respect and appreciate others Love and co-exist, we can make this World a much better place to live in.

We will deal with Love between a Man and Woman in a different article. Looking forward to your comments.

Krishna (24 Posts)

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

Written by Krishna

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

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