When we are born, we are taken care of by our first family. Usually comprise of Father, Mother and siblings. The bond which is formed is an impulse of need!

Born so weak and fragile we need to be fed, protected and nurtured to prevail in this World. Over a period of time, we start to recognize the care givers and tend to form bond with them. A bond of Love and trust which remains throughout life! The giver's, usually the Parents give all that care and Love out of no obligation but pure Love. This type of Love is not demanding or given to get something. It is pure and has no end to it. Parental or Sibling love is one which can be tested and tried through times however still prevails.

First Family is where the foundation of one's character, aspirations, likes, etc are formed. Post Adolescence, we decide to either go with the same learning that has been imparted to us till then or move on to newer platforms in quest for betterment. The choice of the individual is case specific and cannot be deemed right to stay in the same path or wrong to choose a different one! At times, it is seen that the First Family and individual go World's apart! However, the bond that exists between them does not cease to exist! You might have many Father figure's, Mother figure's and God sent Siblings, however you will always cherish the bonding you have had with your Family.

Parent's taking care of the Children till they can take care of themselves and then Children taking care of their Parent's when they no longer can take care of themselves. This is a balance of Nature and one of the most beautiful Truths!

However we do see Parents who have shunned their off spring and Children who have washed their hands of their Family. Whatever the reasons be, it is unnatural!

Parent's or to-be Parent's need to understand that the Love, Care, Values and learning that they impart to their Children decides their approach to Life and thereby to the World! We cannot expect exceptions to happen all the time when the kids grow up to be just fine! It is our responsibility to ensure we nurture and protect the goodness in Children so that the same is carried back into the World. No one would want to know as a Parent of a Criminal or an anti social element!

Children on the other hand need to understand their responsibility towards their Parents and Family! A father could have had more time for himself, lived in better conditions and maybe enjoyed more in Life if not for you. The time. money and emotions that he spent on you could have been spent on himself. Instead, he chose to spend them on you and give you a chance in this fast paced World! A mother could have spent her time and emotions on herself and her Husband which would have let her enjoy her Life more. However, she decides to sacrifice all that so that she can nurture you and make you emotionally strong so that you can face Life head-on!

So next time you think - What is it that my parents did for me? It's something everyone does! Do imagine Life without them. You would not even exist for a few hours! I don't think I would have to elaborate on 'why' as if you are reading a blog- online - you should know! In other articles we will see why there are differences and whilst having differences, how do we ensure we keep our responsibilities and at the same enjoy the feeling of Love and being Loved by our Family!


Krishna (24 Posts)

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

Written by Krishna

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

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