What can you do when someone breaks your Heart! What is left to live for when you have had a Heart Break! Except feeling a continual abyss and loss of interest in everything, our brain numbs out the rest logical thinking. Let's see a few helper points that might assist in our quest to overcome the situation and move on.

You are feeling Heart Broken because of grief as someone passed away or that someone has ended relationship with you. Your significant other cheating on you is not being Heart Broken. In such a scenario there is always a possibility, however small, to make things right. Heart Break is when there is no chance of reconciliation or possibility of getting access to that special someone.

Being in Love is a wonderful feeling and the significant other should make you feel that special, cared and wanted. When the relationship is without Love, most of times, it is making its way towards Breakup! It can be you or your your significant other who makes the decision, the pain of the heartbreak is still the same.

Lets see a few pointers on how to deal with a Heart Break when a relationship has ended:

If you are feeling Heart Broken, it means that you were a "giver" in the relation. You have given your best to the significant other which unfortunately was not reciprocated and led to the breakup. Think of what might happen if the relationship continued. You would be "giving" and without your feelings being reciprocated, at some point your 'cup' will become empty and you would have nothing to give!

A relationship to survive needs both the individuals to be "givers". If not there is always a chance for a third person to make way into the relationship and move it towards doom!

Think of the good times you have had and the reasons why the significant other has become such an integral part of your life! If your feelings were not reciprocated from the beginning, then you were only going forward in hope of someday getting to the point where both of you are on the same page. If your heart is broken, it means that you have done everything you can to make it work. Maybe it was not meant to be!

A breakup does not mean end of Life! It only means a failed attempt of yours to Live a Happy Life in Love. You do not have to start looking for Love. It mostly happens when it has to. You will come across that special someone who can reciprocate your feelings and ensure to keep your 'cup' full. It's just a matter of time. Make sure you are ready for that special someone they bump into you. No one would want to start a relationship with someone who is still pondering over 'split milk'!

After the Breakup:

When you go through a Heart Break, it is improper that you start hating the other person. He / she might have their own reasons to have not been able to reciprocate their feelings. So just "let em go"! The World is becoming a smaller place everyday and there is a good possibility that you run into them. Any feelings of hatred or aggressiveness would just make things awkward at that time. After all, you were a "giver" - do not insult your feelings you had at some point by giving them an ugly shape.

Start an exercise regime and get back in shape. It really helps you think and clear your mind. No one would want to start a relationship with a 'broken' person unless in pity or for motives other than Love!

Go shopping and pamper yourself. You have been a "giver" and till someone comes into your life to make you feel special, you have to takeup the job!

Focus on your career, family and friends. They were always there when you needed them and even when you were too busy trying make things work, they still were on a lookout for you. Give them time!

Take up that dancing or music lessons you always wanted to go to and could not as you did not have enough time.

Always remember, that significant other was special because he / she made you feel Loved. You broke up as that feeling was not present anymore. So it is the feeling that was special first and then that person. Be on your look out, the person to make you feel in Love exactly as you wished for might just be around the corner!

We deal with heart break due to loss of a dear one in a different article.


Krishna (24 Posts)

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

Written by Krishna

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

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