Life is full of surprises and anomalies. Birth till death life teaches us many things which are important learnings which will add to the ammunition we have against the odds that we keep facing in life.

One way of looking at these challenges being hurled at us is saying "Life is cruel" and the other way of looking at it "So whats next". Being Humans the immediate response at a time of disappointment or a major loss is Stress - Worry as to why should it happen to me. It can happen with the circumstances in a family, a relation, a job, a business - anywhere and everywhere. Stress is one thing that no Human Being can escape. The levels of stress are decided by many factors - which would become an article by itself.

Stress can do more good than harm in its natural nature. Stress coming out of failure can be the fuel for the urge to excel. Stress isolates the Human Mind to concentrate on the problem. If it can do that - if it is so powerful that a person sitting in his chair is stressed about the job that he could not complete in time and forget that he has a life, a family who cares for him and probably are dependent on him, friends, colleagues and everything around him - then what if he can use the same Stress to his advantage.

We are born with very powerful weapons against this necessary evil. Adaptability and being Innovative are the best ways to tame the Beast of Stress. Once tamed Stress will actually work for you. It helps you achieve victory in what ever you do. Every time you feel stressed, just ponder to think as to what is it doing to you. Is it really that powerful that in spite of the powerful weapons that you have you will scum to it and hit the dust or will fight and prove to yourself that you still have the fighting edge in you. Let Stress be the yardstick to decide when you will fall but never give till the last drop of adrenalin in you stops pumping.

Know its time to fight back as soon as you feel stressed. Give it all you have got. Remember it is better to have fought and lost than to have not fought at all. Let it be you who decides that - Ok..this where I fall, than let a force like Stress decide that for you. Life gets better as you grow older because by the time you are old you might have fought like a million of these battles. Get that wisdom from your Seniors (Grand parents, parents or anyone who has seen more battles than you). Do not attempt to reinvent the wheel. Probably you can try flying. Life has a lot of options to offer. Its just you who has to reach out and use them for your advantage. Live Life in its full glory.

Live Life as it comes. It is never better in any other way than to not know what will happen next but to be ready for what ever comes your way.

Krishna (24 Posts)

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

Written by Krishna

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

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