A feeling that does not have a prelude - no background, no relationship, no past, no history - yet shudders the very existence of a Human with its profound presence when he/she comes across 'someone'! This four letter word has always been a mystery and paradigm of Life! May sought, wrote on and fought for the same and yet remains to be a mystery that is not solved.

Love between two individuals has many forms - rather variations. Yet the word used to describe the feeling remains the same as the intensity of the emotion we feel for each variation decides the kind of Love! Love between two individuals (Main context of this article) and rest of the variations like Eternal Love, Parental Love, Sibling Love, Friendship, Fellow Human Love, Self Love (Money, Power, Status, Position, etc) which we will discuss in other articles.

Love between two individuals - How is it or is it different from the other forms of Love that we feel?

All of us would have seen someone experiencing or experienced a trance where the rest of the World becomes non-existent. I have never experienced the same and cannot comment much, however from what I gather, that is the supreme kind of Love one can ever feel. There is absolutely nothing else!

Coming back to Love which is Worldly - a slightly inferior kind of Love to the one mentioned above, however is the best that a Human can do in the limited time he/she offered in Life! We have heard many say - "If never Loved - never Lived!" At no point did anyone say "If not in Love - not Living!" So what I deduce from that is Love should be felt, should be given however it is not necessary that everyone is destined to be in 'Love'!

The usage of the word Destiny is deliberate! Not that we should leave things to Destiny or that Love is controlled by destiny - its just simpler to use Destiny as a cover up for the shortcomings of a Human to experience and fulfill all that is necessary to 'prevail' in Love! How many times have we experienced 'Love' or seen it and also same time watch it wither away! Love is not an asset or a commodity that once acquired, it remains the same. If left unattended to - Love changes its form and thereby effect of the same is reduced and over a period of time, pushed to the point of being vanished.

For love to exist - it has to be a two way - fueled by both the partners in Love! If Love is not reciprocated in the same way and in the same passion, then over a period of time is faded away. It's a Give n Take. The partners in Love give each other through the times, then the Love is fulfilling! If either one of the partners are stuck in taking and the other in giving, eventually there would be no Love left to give as its not fueled and dies out someday! Or a third person who can reciprocate comes into the equation and it becomes a Triangle!

Life has its ways of testing Love and trying to imbalance the equation. Confusions, Temptations, etc are few of the arsenal that Life can use against Love in Life! It is very important to nurture the amazing feeling of Love and keep fueling it to ensure it does not die out. The day a 'guy' feels the need to get his space from his 'Love' so that he can be with his friends, watch a game or a 'gal' feels the needs to get her space to connect to her friends or go shopping without her 'Love' - we need to understand that the relationship is already in troubled waters!

Does that mean that if we are in Love - we cannot have any other relationships?? Of course you can and you should! Being in Love does not mean that you become blind to the rest of the World. However, the other relations will not be a part of the 'Space' but things that you do together.

Two people in Love are individuals with different upbringing, different mind set and different approach to Life, however are brought together by certain qualities that bind them together - like the thought process, goals in Life, belief system, etc. You cannot expect everything to match. You do make compromises and adjustments along the way, however for people in Love they will not seem like compromises or adjustments. They adapt to the new situations like its just an other Day! That is what is Love!

Friends, Family, Past times, Hobbies, etc will no longer be just one's passion but will be shared by both. Love is such a wonderful feeling that makes you adjustable when you have been the most rigid and you will not feel a thing. A companion for Life is not an easy thing to acquire and such an asset makes everything else, every adjustment, every acceptance look so minuscule.

Imagine your spouse watching cricket with you and your friends and cheering for your team even when she has no clue as to what the fuss is all about in the first place! Or your spouse spending a good part of a weekend in mall checking out every outlet with you to probably just to buy a shoe or a dress that you don't even know that you would want to buy, when he would usually shop for about 30 minutes to entirely change his wardrobe!

In Love, your very existence is bringing joy to the other. Being in control of your Life is one thing and giving that control to someone else is entire different feeling! You are too busy ensuring the happiness of your Spouse and you know you don't have a thing to worry as you would be taken care of. Letting go of the control is never easy, however Love is one feeling that makes you feel 'Bliss' by letting go off that control. "One who who lost never has gained nothing".

Blessed are one's in Love and blessed are one's who have ever Loved!

Krishna (24 Posts)

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

Written by Krishna

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

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