The word ‘Sex’ brings about numerous images to our head –mostly erotic and with inclusion of our preferences and at times going a little beyond the norms set by our predecessors. However the basic ideology of the act is to attain “Pleasure” and this feeling has different definitions and processes for us all. The magnitude of the affects also differ from individual to individual as it is related to something we ‘Feel” and every human as his/her own way with it.

“A healthy Sex Life is important for wellbeing!” Depending on the magnitude of the pleasure we attain during the act, profound are the effects on our physical and mental health. Human Body is the most wondrous creation and every cell has a specific function and so does our pleasure / reproductive organs.

It starts with curiosity as to why the preferred / other gender looks different and then over a period of time this curiosity moves into the stage of fantasising the touch and the ‘feel’. Then starts the exciting game of ‘Attraction’ – trying to attract the attention of interested individual or dodge the interests of potential mates to choose the best amongst them. The next stage is experimenting the touch and feel and that is when the Human Body goes through changes without our knowledge preparing us for Adult Life!

The act of pleasure, the prelude to it and the reminiscing of the same secrete certain hormones in our body which have their own specific functions. Apart from the pleasure we feel, they help us grow stronger physically and mentally. Sex has known to be best solution for depression, anxiety, stress and is also a wonderful workout regime helping us keep fit. Have Sex once a day and keep the doctor away!

We will discuss various acts of Pleasure in upcoming articles. We look forward to your suggestions and comments.


Krishna (24 Posts)

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

Written by Krishna

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

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  1. SachinChaure Reply

    It’s nice to see someone writing so openly about sex in India, where we are being taught since childhood that sex is bad and we should stay away from it.
    Sex is part of life and we should enjoy it and not perform for heck reproduction.

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