When a Human Being takes birth, his response to his surroundings might make him cry continuously. He is letting out his emotions without any apprehensions through his only medium of communication. Be it hunger, loneliness, heat, cold, etc. He is not wary of the dangers as his mind does not recognize the same and hence does not cry because of them.

With time he grows up to the stage where he can communicate his wants in more verbal manner, however Stress does not get to him yet as he is cared for and knows that whatever situation he might get into, he has his family to count on. Most of his mistakes are brushed aside as "Being Naughty" or "He is still learning". He does not feel the pressure yet as it is borne by his caretakers (usually family) like a person under an umbrella.

His first rendezvous with Stress happens when he starts to need his own identity. Some time around the adolescence stage does he loose his innocence. Everything will start getting personalized for him - His name, his family, his clothes, his girl friend, his first bicycle, his shoes. Some get away with minimal effects because of the provisions already made for him and some not-so-fortunate tend to feel a little awkward about their own shortcomings. This is the stage where ambitions, values, likes and dislikes start to form. Of course they are greatly influenced by the surroundings, however like the DNA, every individual makes his own print of the forces and the tools at his hand. This stage too is not really affected by stress much as the person uses his Heart more than his mind to make decisions - Good or Bad and does not usually regret them as they were his own. He takes responsibility for his life even when he knows that he is not ready for the same. He is as daring as daring can mean to be and as loyal as loyal can mean to be.

When he enters the Young age is when he starts tasting what stress is like to be. He understand the world better as his mind matures and keeps sending him signals of the "treats and threats" of life. He starts balancing his decisions between his heart and mind. He is still daring but sets a limit to the dare and he is loyal, yet in a way that he wants to be. Heart pumps as much as blood as it can as it is at its best and the mind too sends as many signals as it can as it also is at its best. A very dynamic stage which decides the life of a person in terms of his career and love. He wants everything that he can lay his hands onto and wants to own everything that his eyes can see up to. When the ends do not meet the means he gets restless as the urge to achieve is greater than the fulfillment in content. The thin line between being aggressively ambitious and contentedly competitive is usually crossed many a time. The result being that he becomes a victim of Stress. He is like that of an atom in an enclosed container where the pressure of meeting expectations and to excel is heavy. More the pressure, more the energy to the atom and with no outlet the atom gets volatile. Being the great almighty self, the person closes himself to others who care for him and becomes a complete victim to stress. He looses sleep over the hurdles that he need to cross the next day, he looses his well-wishers over the hectic schedule he makes for himself - trying not to loose time to make his ends meet, he looses himself to completely to stress.

The next stage is that of middle age where the person learns to share his kingdom, his almightiness in return for "his" family. Here too the Stress does play a role, however it does not get to go to its full potential as the person understands the concept of letting things go when "push comes to shove". His mind is strong as he had already used it to the full extent and now he has learnt to use the power of good combination of heart and mind. He has more control than he ever had in his life - over his wants, over his surroundings, over the people that matter to him. However there is a section of people who grow older than in young age, however will not move to the middle age. This is where Stress starts to physically manifest itself in the form of ailments. Our physically container cannot contain a lot of pressure and some individuals scum to the excess. This is the point where Stress takes its evil form.

The last stage is that of old age. People who have control on Stress and have learned the ways to harness its power enjoy their second childhood. Here again he tends to think with the heart more than the mind and satisfaction will matter first to him than the physical encashment of his time. He has the wisdom to be imparted to his offspring to counter the Stress. However the second set of people who have grown older however have not moved to the old stage bear the ill-effects of Stress further. They become irritable and restless. The Stress that they could not combat in their life starts to overpower them and dictates the heart and mind.

Everyone who is born has to die some day. However the grace with which you leave the stage of life usually is determined by the choices that we make. Choices that can make you the master and Stress your slave, or vice-a-versa.

Krishna (24 Posts)

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

Written by Krishna

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

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