Most of us are strong individuals who have been through difficult times and fared well. At a point when everything is going smooth and finally the World is starting to recognize our identity, we suddenly start having marital issues. Why do they crop up in the first when we have been doing everything right - fulfilling all responsibilities? Do we have to take help from a third person to save our marriage? If we have achieved so much, can't we handle such a trivial issue by ourselves? Why cant we turn to our family or friends and get t sorted out?

Well, the answer to most of the questions that pop into mind is around a single phrase "Third Person Perspective". When you are in a crossroad, going through the emotional trauma of keeping your sanity and at the same time doing what is right for yourself and your spouse, it is very difficult to have a third person's perspective. Even for professionals who earn their livelihood advising others.

Even your family and friends tend to be biased and thereby share the trauma you are going through. As such, their perspective on the situation is as good as yours. And by no means is the issue trivial. It is one which will decide the direction for your life, where your earnings and assets would end up, what your children will end up growing up into, which direction would your professional life turn to. As such a martial conflict is anything but a trivial issue.

How much can it hurt to speak to someone about the issue - someone who is no way connected to your social or professional life and at the same time has the experience and possess the skill to put himself in your shoes and help you with options. So just pick up the phone and speak to a Counselor. You will find many listed, however you would save yourself a lot of trouble and efforts if you spend a little time to research for reviews of the counselor.

And the best part is, you can choose to be anonymous and get to have your first session - most of the times for Free!

Krishna (24 Posts)

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

Written by Krishna

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

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