Love is a relative Term. The definition of the same changes from person to person. Just like finger prints, every individual has their own way of feeling and expressing Love. You might have asked yourself the question "Why am I not loved?" at some point in life. Especially during the teenage / adolescence when we are the busiest and most idle at the same time! Let's try and deduce the complex phenomenon to some extent.

For a hungry person - love is food! For a lonely person- love is company! For a homeless person - love is Home! For an angry person - love is peace! This at most you can say that we feel Love for a person when he/she fills a "void" in us!

The most popular friend or the most loved colleague - what is it that they do to be what they are and you are not? Well, sometimes the answer is simple - they being themselves. A closer look at "they being themselves" shows that they do not achieve the status of being popular in a Day! It takes time and 'opportunity' that made them what they are.

Being helpful, considerate, empathetic, joyful, fun are few of the characteristics that can take you there, however the important ingredient is 'Goodness' which has a vibe and people feel it. Do remember - Goodness just like Love is nothing when not expressed!

Next time you ask yourself - Why am I not loved? - Also ask yourself if there are family, friends, and acquaintances around you who might be waiting for you to feel their emotions - Love for you, however you are not in a position to feel / reciprocate the same.

Most often we become blind to these emotions as we are on the lookout for something else! Over the years, we will realise that every emotion, feeling are worthless when they come from someone for you or from you for someone and it really does not matter if they are "fulfilled".

So always be on the lookout for any emotion - love- kindness coming your way. That is what Life all about! get all you can and give all you can! Do note that its ok to have missed some opportunities to feel Love but don't make yourself blind to all. Next time you are asking yourself the question "Why am I not loved?" maybe you need to ask yourself "Why am I being blind?!"

Krishna (24 Posts)

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

Written by Krishna

A Life Coaching Professional with over 19 years of experience and web sales / recruitment Enthusiast.

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